What is Align RNG?

Align RNG is a joint venture between Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods that is capturing methane from our nation’s hog farms and turning it into clean energy for consumers. It's called renewable natural gas, or RNG, and it's transforming the future of clean energy and sustainable agriculture.

How Does it Work?

Capturing methane from the farm
Capturing Methane from the Farm

As hog manure breaks down, it produces methane gas. Instead of allowing methane to enter the atmosphere, it’s captured in an anaerobic digester.

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Converting to RNG
Converting Methane to RNG

The methane captured from multiple farms is sent to a central conditioning facility, where it is refined to 99% pure methane, the same as traditional natural gas.

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Delivering to Homes
Delivering to Homes & Businesses

The RNG is then put into an existing distribution system to serve homes, businesses, power plants and other natural gas consumers.

What People are Saying

Fewer Emissions for the Climate

Over 10 years, Align RNG will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. farms by the same amount as:


Planting 40 Million
New Trees


Removing 500,000
Cars from the Road


Cutting 2.5 Million
Metric Tons of CO2e

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